Bao Minh's identity on the path of building a sustainable business

Bao Minh Textile Company is committed to become a reputable woven fabric supplier by providing top notch quality products and services at reasonable price. We have developed a professional workforce with innovative working culture and make sure to apply modern yet environmentally friendly technology into our operation to further contribute to the society's development. As the representative for the Vietnamese Textile Industry, we diversify the products offered in the global market and aim to affirm the Vietnamese brand name in the world market.

Bao Minh Textile strives to grow sustainably

Bao Minh Textile is committed to achieve our sustainable development goals as this is no longer "an option" but rather a "must do" for us.

We actively protect the environment and natural resources for our future generations through sustainably producing our yarns and threads. Social equality always goes together with eliminating environmental change.

Bao Minh Textile Company has always been proactive in environmental, energy and waste management. We continuously monitor every production process at our factories to ensure we can further optimize our operation to make it more sustainable.

Bao Minh Textile strives to grow sustainably

Bao Minh strives to do business in the most sustainable manner

To people

The creation of new jobs and income opportunities is very important to the development of small towns. Having stable income source is desirable for the local people, and due to the lack of job opportunities, young people sometimes have to make the decision to leave their hometown and find opportunities in bigger cities. Bao Minh Textile factory, with a total area of over 100,000m2 has contributed in solving this problem for Nam Dinh province by employing over 800 employees. 

We have defined human resources as our most valuable factor to create competitive advantages, so we highly prioritize human development. During the period that COVID-19 epidemic has been expanding, Bao Minh Textile has quickly implemented methods to prevent the epidemic and protect our employees as well as partners. In addition to complying with the 5K guidelines of the Ministry of Health, vaccination is considered as a fundamental solution to maintain production stability with COVID-19.We make sure 100% of our employees are vaccinated. Furthermore, we make sure to continually carry out prevention measures such as: measure body temperature, and request medical declaration forms to be filled out by employees and guests. We were able to maintain our workforce to operate normally during the complicated epidemic. This enables us to recover and continually grow. 

Additionally, we supported the COVID-19 prevention activities in Nam Dinh by contributing to the fund of vaccination prevention of COVID to ensure our employees had access to the vaccination program as fast as possible.

To the Envirmonment

Bao Minh Textile Company strives to do business in the most sustainable way thus we believe growth must be done with protecting the environment in mind. We ensure that environmental impacts are always under control by working with partners who can measure the impact of our operation on the environment on a regular basis as required.

We adopt the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system into our operation activities and align our sustainability strategy to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The standards for wastewater, emissions, clean water, and drinking water are always monitored by experienced staff.

We ensure that wastewater and greenhouse emissions meet or exceed the government requirements. Meanwhile, we invest in a boiler system with the most up-to-date exhaust gas treatment system as an environmental preservation measure. We use raw materials that are in line without sustainability goals, especially organic and recycled ones from sources that comply with international standards, such as GOTS, OCS, RCS, GRS, BCI Cotton, Oeko-Tex certified yarn, and so on.

Currently, Bao Minh Textile uses the wastewater treatment plant of Bao Minh Industrial Park.This synchronous infrastructure system is used to process 20,000m3/day to ensure that effluent fulfills standards before being discharged into the environment. The quality of wastewater is monitored 24/7 by an online monitoring station that automatically connects to the Center for Monitoring & Analysis of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Bao Minh strives to do business in the most sustainable manner to the Envirmonment

We create annual environmental strategies and targets based on the following criteria:

- CO2 emissions should be reduced.

- Energy waste should be reduced.

- Year by year, lowering emissions

In order to achieve these goals, we create a clean and green workplace by planting more trees, encouraging our people to participate in self-managed garden activities, collecting and classifying garbage, and creating a waste treatment plan. Bao Minh Textile also conducts periodic training to enhance the understanding of how important environmental protection actions are. We make sure that production activities alight with our "sustainable development" goals.

To the Scoiety

For Bao Minh Textile, social responsibility is one of our core values, and motivator for our long-term development.

Understanding the dangers of the COVID-19 epidemic, besides strictly adhering to 5K Guidelines while working, we organized vaccination for 100% of our employees to effectively prevent the epidemic. This is part of our effort in protecting society. In addition, we believe that protecting the environment is also protecting our society in the present and in the future. We have invested in modern production system yet environmentally friendly to minimize our negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

Our factory is located at Lot CN4, Bao Minh Industrial Area, Nam Dinh province - a place that was known as the cradle of Vietnam's textile industry. Because of that, we are able to provide hundreds of employees with job opportunities. In addition, Bao Minh Textiles cooperates with universities to organize extracurricular activities for students so that they have the opportunity to directly learn about the industry. At the company, we invest in training human resources to improve the skills of workers in particular and the textile industry in general.

Bao Minh strives to do business in the most sustainable manner to the Scoiety

The operation strategy of Bao Minh Textile Company is always associated with social development and environmental protection. Our goal is to optimize production efficiency while developing sustainably. An important step on the way to this goal is to continually optimize resources consumption in manufacturing as well as developing eco-friendly woven fabrics using advanced technology.